Some nights are better than others…

November 4th, 2007 by webmaster

… and Friday was one of those nights! I got up to my dark sky site near Meaford for the first time since labour day, and the sky was clear and dark, and the waning crescent moon stayed out of sight. On the “how dark was it” scale, it was dark enough that M33 was visible naked eye, and could be M31 easily seen to span more than a degree. It wasn’t quite one of those nights where you can’t find the constellations amid the stars, but it was good enough.

I spend an enjoyable night in my POD banging off the last of my Finest NGC targets, as well as some old favourites, and of course Comet Holmes. Following my previous attempts, I made yet another digital sketch (one of these days I will get my imaging computer up and running again!).

 Holmes nov 2 

Note the outer faint coma, and the blurred SW margin of the brighter coma. Or whatevery you want to call it. Which brings up an interesting point - most comets have recognizable parts - nucleus, coma and tail(s). This comet has four concentric areas of differing brightness - what do you call them? I have been using terms like nucleus, core, coma, outer coma, for lack of a better vocabulary.

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